Earn money -  Work from home Property Rentals Tenancy Cleans - Building Repairs & Gardening services. We Cover All Aspects of Property Rentals Short Term Holiday Breaks. What option suits you?

Work onlie from home

Want to work or want to rent  a property? We make both so easy. 

Property rentals - we have people working online,  they will help you find a property.  

Learn how to earn money working from home
Social Media - Property Rentals, Building Repairs, Garden Work, Tenants Accounts. Fennic own property & business assets valued at over 3 Million. Over 20 years experience, over £350,000 invested into websites, £70,000 advertising & technology support. Previous experience not required. If you really want to work and have what it takes then you will do well. We know some people sadly have no or little money, in actual fact this website may of cost more than some people have to live on in a year! But things will change, no matter how much money you have or dont have, as long as your mobile phone has signal then that is a start. Follow our simple to understand free course and if you get stuck just start from the last section or the beginning again. We look forward to having our new team members join us. All working hard will make 2021 a year to remember !

Working online from home property rentals manger
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work property rentals
working on social media

Online training. Depending what option you pick, you could stay at home working and earning. Some require a small cost to set up a website and some no outlay required.

Earn money each month & help others find a home, at the same time. Two rewards in one. Having money to spend each month let's you enjoy life & have so much fun. Blow away all the day to day boring problems. Follow our simple no fuss course. You really now can start to earn over £2,000 a month, you can have calls diverted to your home phone or mobile, you will be working on all types of social media, make contact with landlords & people who want extra money simply renting out a room in their home.

Work the hours to suit you, maintain high levels of customer service. Posting tweets on Twitter "Room wanted for single Lady, age 42 years old, working part time at Tesco, non smoking, Budget up to £475 a month including all bills" go on to Facebook & join tenants, landlords groups, WhatsApp your contacts via a broadcast message, send emails from your website, advertise in local papers & online. We pay 5% each month & every month the person is renting & paying, it is as simple as that. It will cost you just £150 to start for a shared website or £250 for a stand-alone website.  

Earn £1,000 to £3,000 a month or more? It's simple enough now make it happen,  just follow our course & we will monitor your results & help you along the way. Get paid each month, for every property you manage, not just a one off payment to you,  but repeated every time they pay the rent, each month, forever until they move out or you leave the group. Check the facts yourself CLICK HERE

Check list, do any of these apply to you? If you like any of the options, then get started. Text or WhatsApp 07380 395926 Want to earn over £40,000 a year? Have you got what it takes?

Our tenants deserve the very best service possible, can you be this good?
Become a colleague join the growing team, all working together to be the best!

Just in Flat in Brighton coming soon, watch the building come to life in the video below.

New homes to rent www.fennic.co.uk Fennic Property to rent at a price you can afford,new properties wanted, new areas. Telephone 07380 395926 New property also required for short term holiday rentals, cleaning and light building service. Check our holiday rentals www.timetodosomething.co.uk short term rentals How about working online with Briefcase Business www.briefcasebusiness.co.uk Cleaning www.budgetclean.co.uk Budget Clean - Building work clean www.budgetbuild.co.uk www.budgetgardening.co.uk Tel 07380 395926. Rooms to rent Brighton, Rooms to rent Crawley, Rooms to rent Eastbourne, Rooms to rent Hastings , Rooms to rent Portsmouth, Rooms to rent Croydon. Rooms to rent Tunbridge Wells. We are expanding in to new regions text us or send a WhatsApp for latest information Telephone 07380 395926 open 7 days a week www.tenancyaccounts.co.uk www.budgetbuild.co.uk www.budgetclean.co.uk Property investors www.doctorgrim.co.uk Work online Are you serious about earning money ? Join us, work with us either online, building or cleaning. Property managers wanted. Regular Income and optional car. We all work as one big team. We all have to help each other, website media team members promote the cleaners, the cleaners promote the builders and the builders produce great homes for people to live in. Fennic Property Rentals is now expanding into new areas, so get involved. It takes confidence, effort, determination plus of course team work! Excuses do not pay the bills, you have to work hard to get anywhere in life, remember winners win!
Cleaning, ironing, carpet shampoo, steam cleaning

Cleaning Managers & Cleaners wanted

We offer both landlords & tenants a cleaning service, this could be common parts, end of tenancy clean or just cleaning for holiday lets or one off cleans.  Also Decking jet-wash, window cleaning & ironing services. If you want to work as a Manager, you will have your own team of cleaners, usually about 10 people, you will over see al work they do then check to see if the high standard is met. You will also be dealing with day to day social media, adverts, answering phone calls plus replying to emails. We cover steam cleaning, carpet shampoo, ironing. You will need your own transport. For more details look at our website.

property properties budget build roofing, fences, electrical , plastering, patio ,

Builders,  Landscape, Fencing & Patios

If you work as a builder & would like to register with us? If so simply check out Budget Build Website, then  text us, we will arrange for a website with your details to be added to our list. We have a list of services & now require more people in different areas to meet out expansion into new regions. You will need your own tools plus transport, You will also need your own insurance to cover any legalities such as public liability insurance. You will also need to supply photos of your work and references to support your work.  All trades wanted, if you have no previous experience you can still register with us as we have work for unskilled labourers.  For more details look at our website.

Fennic Property Rentals rooms to rent

Become a Property Rentals Manager

Working on social media, this work is carried out from your own home. We have ongoing training with support. We are expanding across the U.K Have a look at our new areas on our Fennic website. You will have the choice to either have your own standalone website which you use working under our umbrella through the group of websites or use a shared website. If you have never worked in this area before. There is an initial set up charge to cover the cost of the supply of the website, for a standalone it is £250 per year, for a shared it is £150 per year. You will receive the minimum of 5% each month of the overall rental value while the tenant pays and rents the property. You have membership with us. You will be self-employed.

We purchase, we renovate, we clean, we rent & we sell. Doctor Grim, interested in property investment?  This is idea when you are looking for something a little extra. 

proeprty investments , house auctions Doctor Grim building land wanted, houses built

Doctor Grim 

Rooms Flats & Houses to sell  plus wanted. We are also interested in building land, with or without planning permission.

Doctor Grim is a property building & sales  agency, expanding in the new exciting  areas,  such as Brighton, Eastbourne,  Crawley, Balam, Croydon, Hastings,  Tunbridge Wells with new areas being added. New to property?  We can also pay a finders fee for any land which is suitable for building.  We are looking for new investors to join our happy group, as the market changes very fast, this is for a rough guidance only. We have people working on social media, we scan property auction websites, daily updates on Right Move plus other popular well known names. Did you know you can buy a property for under £10,000 freehold two bedroom, yes it needs work, yes it needs cleaning, painting, plumbing, plastering but we have our own team of builders with Budget Build.  With our group, you are simply offered the chance to purchase a property or share of, so for example, if we have ten investors with a small investment of £1500 that will give a cash buying power of £15,000 which would cover £5000 for the renovations, the property would be either rented  to a tenant and go up in value or it would be sold, you will receive your payment, with a sales price of £40,000 you would be paid £4,000 less any legal fees, as all business is conducted through a solicitor.  Before you invest you will have a full copy of the legal pack and be part of the investors group. The above is for example only, but go to our business investment website Doctor Grim and see how the winners win! 

07380 395926

Property rental managers - New locations being added. Get your region reserved now before it goes!

rooms to rent Brighton , short term rentals in sussex

Rooms to rent Brighton and Hove

Agents wanted to work  in Brighton and Hove. Renting mostly flats & rooms, with some houses in Hove area

07380 395926

Tunbridgewells rooms to rent, Kent letting agency flats for long term rentals

Rooms to rent Tunbridge Wells

Agents wanted to work  in Tunbridge Wells. Renting houses & flats usually 2 bedrooms

seaside rental agency Eastbourne East Sussex rooms to rent let wanted

Rooms to rent Eastbourne

Agents wanted to work  in Eastbourne. Mostly renting houses with some house share for short term

07380 395926

Rooms to rent Hastings, flats , house share , Rye , Camber, St Leonards on sea, Bexhill , hollington,

Rooms to rent

Agents wanted to work in Hastings. Mixture of rooms, flats & houses, usually longer term rentals

07380 395926


We are members of NRLA we have all the latest information. law changes to ensure we have all agreements  up to date, at all times. We are also members of the Property Redress Scheme  & Ihowz

New areas being added. Work as a property manager training and support

Rooms to rent Crawley

Agents wanted to work  in Crawley

07380 395926

Rooms to rent wanted

Agents wanted to work  in new areas

07380 395926

Rooms to rent wanted

Agents wanted to work  in new areas

07380 395926

Rooms to rent Croydon

Agents wanted to work in Croydon

07380 395926

Property Rentals -  Cleaning - Building - Social Media 

You can pick the best option for you. Some will require an outlay and some wont. To become a cleaner, simply join and work with either a group of cleaners or on your own, a recent DBS check will be required. For more details on cleaning go to www.budgetclean.co.uk

If you have building skills painting decorating experience and would like to work carrying out a range of building and repairing services. A recent DBS check will be required go to www.budgetbuild.co.uk for a range of services offered to landlords.

Work online as a property rentals manager. You will be uploading to various social media, placing adverts, answering phone calls, sending emails, sending text messages plus dealing with day to day people with  their questions

Welcome to "Easy Income Today" use the form to contact us by email

Work online with property rentals & holiday B & B 

working online from home holiday homes rentals

Brief Case Business


Become a property rentals manager ongoing training & support. Working online, making contact with other property owners & landlords to supply them with tenants.   It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible!  Have confidence in yourself

Fennic Property Rentals

Add us on Snap Chat ! 

We send out new property rentals on WhatsApp & SnapChat, so add us for latest details 

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Rooms Flats, Houses  and Gardens maintained
Budget Build  Budget Clean

budget build kitchen fittting

Kitchens Fitted  
Design & Fit Service

Full range of kitchens supplied and fitted.  High standard of workmanship

Electrical work, extra sockets and electric  checks.

Electric checks . extra sockets , rewiresFull rewire , cooker sockets outside power www.budgetbuild.co.uk

Creative Garden Work
Fences, Turfing, Ponds 

Large range Bricklaying, Brick walls, Garages, Sheds and Patio www.budgetbuild.co.uk

Cleaning services
Monthly / Daily / Weekly

End of tenancy cleans, steam cleaning, carpet shampoo and common parts cleaning www.budgetclean.co.uk 

Tips to help rent a property 

We have a large range or rooms , flats and houses to rent, If you want to work as an area manager this is ideal for you.  A clean property will always look better  and get better results  Budget Clean

What to do  before joining us

Check our main website Fennic and have a look at the services we offer. If then,  you feel it is right for you then simply text us 07380 395926  or WhatsApp our automated service. 

Bedroom Colours You’ll Never Regret

We offer a light building  and decorating service,  Budget Build if you work in the building industry simply text us on 07380 395926 you will be working as self-employed

Cleaning for Landlords

budget clean

Budget Clean


The end of tenancy cleans, carpet shampoo and more. Offices · Schools · Universities · Restaurants · Retail Stores · Bars, Pubs & Clubs · Housing Associations · Local Authorities · Residential Properties · Factories · Insurance Work · Flood Damage · Business Centres · End of tenancy lets · Graffiti Removal · Chewing Gum Removal · Stubborn Stain Removal. To join our team simply text or whats app 07380 395926 you will be added to our daily bookings list and you can simply pick and choose what days you work and what jobs you do. You are self-employed and therefore you are totally free to work whenever you want. However, we do require a very high standard of service both to our tenants and landlords. 

07380 395926

Contact us for more info. Check the website for more details. A clean home is a "Happy Home" 

Our Agents Matter To Us  - Now you can join our friendly happy team :-)

Working with property rentals is highly rewarding. 


More websites , new regions, you can join  as an area manager from just £150 a year, you will get a listing page or you can upgrade to the listing page and your very own property website from just £250 per year, or how about working on social media where no outlay is required? So many options to the person who is serious about working and earning money.  Take the risk or lose the chance, but do it with passion or not at all. But remember this is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time

Garening for Landlords

budget clean

Budget Gardening


The garden is a massive selling point when it comes to either sales or rentals, if the garden is a mess when the tenant views it shows them they have a lot of hard work to just sort the garden. Large range of garden work and rubbish removal.

07380 395926

Contact us for more info. Check the website for more details.  


Listings For Sale


Listings For Rent




Happy Clients

If you answer yes to any of the above then, welcome to Fennic group, this is part of our online process to get you started and watch you earn money, mostly working from home.

Ok, now let's get right down to it, we have a few different options open to suitable people who have the right approach to working within our team.  We want people dedicated to high levels of customer service, people who are winners, positive approach people with a can do mentality.

The best option we have is area manager with either your own stand alone website or a shared one. If you start with with  a shared website and you can upgrade at anytime. Or just in feet first and have a stand alone website. Other than that the work is the same.  The advantage of a stand alone website is you can have it designed for your brand,  take a look at some of our range on the links above and see for yourself. 

Some options cost you money to start and some options will not. However no matter what option you pick you will be self-employed and under no contract to us. We pay for the service you supply or sell to us at a pre-arranged and agreed on the price. So let's run through the options that cost zero to start, cleaning (You will need a recent DBS check, basic or enhanced what you will pay for and provide to our team for checking.).

Working on social media will not cost you anything to start, you will work  freelance. We do offer limited information with Social media work, however you are expected to know what you are doing, and some past experience with working in the media or on social media is required. You will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media such as Snapchat, placing adverts online, the list and choice is open to you. You get paid for the results you generate, you do not get paid an hourly wage or receive any benefits from Fennic or our group, you are freelance and it is up to you to work how and when you want to as long as it meets our strict policy code of professionalism at all times, offering tenants, landlords and anyone you come into contact with the highest of standards of customer care as possible. We only want the best. 

The sort of person we are mostly interested in, and join plus work with us, a person who is able to take on day to day aspects, such as telephone calls, working on social media, Twitter Facebook, Snapchat with WhatsApp being used as a way of contact.  More of an up & coming business person or someone who has past experienced with a business and sales background.

Our top level is working, area Manager,  starting cost of £250 per year as a licence, this is not refundable as it goes towards paying for your website hire, such as www.roomstorentbrighton.co.uk or www.roomstorenthastings.co.uk you join a team of others all working from home and you need a computer or at least a smart phone, IPad tablet and good Internet connection. This has hours to suit, but as you grow the business you will need more time. There is a shared website service which offers a reduced initial cost of just £150 per year. Contact us to see if a stand alone website or shared website is better for you, but remember success comes from having dreams that are bigger than your fears.

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up, but work with your team to find a positive way forward,  to be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like.

The individual who says it is not possible, should get out of the way of those doing it.

You decide, but remember  - You can totally do this! We are, and so are others who have joined our team,  don’t tell people your plans. but show them your results!

Floor plans and more : check out this section 

If you cannot design a floor plan we would like to see you at least try, we are here to help. It is easier than you first think.  To be successful, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with a busy schedule, next to impossible. But the best part is, the more you accomplish, the more you’ll want to do, the higher you’ll want to reach

Buiding a business is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and determination. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it. But you never know until you try.  How do you live your life? Money, bills paid driving a nice car, owning a nice home or no money waiting in the pouring rain at a bus stop on the way to a food bank? We all have choices and no matter what walk of life you come from make steps to climb the ladder of success.  “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 

A person who has skills  to learn new aspects and understand floor plans, or even design them.  We have a team of people who can help you, it is easier than you may think.  Click Here  Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it, but at the same time don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

The various options 

We like to cut to the chase, in life there are winners, losers & people who have the drive ambition & positive thinking, these are the only people we are only interested in, winners. We are a business out to earn money, share the rewards with our highly valued team

To start with there is a £250 a year licence fee you need to pay up front, this will include a website listing for example www.roomstorentbrighton.co.uk plus email address to the same website, There is no upper limit to the number of websites you can manage but we suggest one to start with. You are paid each month the sum of 5% of the overall rental value of the property, this is ongoing payment each and every month you are working with us, under our licence agreement and the tenant is paying for the property. We do have full ongoing training and support, with courses and other events you can attend. 

Working on social media, there is no upfront outlay for this, we offer some basic starting points. You will be working as a self-employed person and just by spending time on social media you will easily see listings for houses for sale and rentals etc. You simply put adverts and post information online for example on Twitter, Rooms wanted to rent, earn money from your spare room, and people contact you, we then speak to the owner and arrange photos and or video plus obtain the details and send them a contract, once this is signed and a tenant has moved in, we pay you what is known as a "Finders Fee" which is depending on the amount of rent they pay. Unlike the Area Managers position, this is simply a one off payment, no matter how long the tenant rents the property for. You have no set hours to do, and you can simply do it when you are waiting for a bus. It's easy, and no previous social media work needed. 

Cleaning and light building work. Working as a cleaner, with an end of tenancy clean, for example offer a full range of cleaning services we use www.budgetclean.co.uk and provide a basic end of tenancy cleans to, carpet shampoo, steam cleaning, and where the tenant has caused light damage or if the room or property needs other light building work then we use www.budgetbuild.co.uk.

All cleaners and building contractors are self-employed and it is down to the owner of the property to carry out any initial checks with the person they want to clean, we just receive a finders fee which we pay an amount depending on the overall cost of the work. If you are a cleaner, we suggest you have an up to date DBS check as you may be asked to provide this and references. 

Join our hardworking team

You must be able to work from your own merits. You need to have confidence in yourself,  be able to use the Internet, Mobile phone, Social media, take photos and range of basic other requirements such as good customer service. You need to be organised and have a determination to build your business. If you are a person who just gives up as its going to cost you money or you don't have enough money to get a bus ticket then you are not for us. Added benefits if you can video edit in 4k, take photos of houses, have a drone to fly over houses and the land. This business is for the serious. 

Room To Rent Preston Park

£150 per week plus £350 deposit loger term rental wanted, Looking for 30 year old lady who is working full time, share of the flat. Good location Preston park area of Brighton East Sussex Tel 07380 395929

Come & work with Fennic

Rooms To Rent Hastings


Rewarding Work

Rooms To Rent Brighton 


Come & work with Fennic

Rooms To Rent Hastings


Work Online 

Rooms To Rent Tunbridge Wells


Earn Money 

Budget Clean

Good quality cleaners required and supplied. 


For your peace of mind we are members of 

Property Redress Scheme   :  National Residential Landlords Association - NRLA : IHowz : Docusign : Facebook : Twitter

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